Agility at your floor operation

We understand how important the point of sale (POS) is for the floor operation and we give the right tools and agility to the cashier attend the player at a gold level. Our user-friendly interface also reduces the barrier and initial training for the cashiers.

POS enables the cashier to create new player accounts following the entire diligence required by the business, checking the informations given by the player with the local authorities, e.g. ID, Zip Code, and applying a verification process for email and phone informations, opening a new channel of communication to engage the players with promotions and marketing actions. 

Our platform supports several methods of authentication according the business and jurisdiction requirements, e.g. PIN, Player’s ID + PIN, Smartcard + PIN, Biometric Recognition, Magnetic Card + PIN. [page7image9248]

Cashier can also manage user accounts through purchases, promotions, bouncebacks, and audit player records. All actions on the POS are logged for future auditing by aministrators.