Your floor at your hands


We use the most stable Linux Ubunto version available. The Ubunto LTS is always the version with 5 years support guaranteed. Currently we use the 14.04.4 LTS version. In this way, we are able to provide longer system stability in the field. An auto-install system is provided through a USB-STICK and in a matter of minutes we can get a server up and running using this technology. 

We have a second server that is managed by the system distributor, where we can generate more of those USB-STICKS through an app, up to 50 units at a time. This USB-STICK where we keep the system install files, also works as a security token. This system (USB-STICK + hardware) works in a single server, it’s not possible to have a single install in two or more servers. There is also a remote authentication system (through the internet) to prevent further cloning attempts.


For complete system security, we have another mechanism that shutdowns the system in case the location manager attempts to circumvent authentication by turning off the internet connection. When that happens, the system is automatically turned off in 48 hours (default value, can be altered). Therefore, we have two ways to disable a location server: Through the CMS; Using the auto-shutdown mechanism (no authentication for 48h)

All communication between authentication server and location server are performed under a VPN with 256bit cryptography, ensuring high security level.