The frontend for the audience

Our game terminal is the frontend of our games with the audience. With up to 30 (thirty) ready games our game library is innovative and exhilarating, providing an unique experience to players through graphics and audios that push the boundaries of bingo, slot and classic games development.

Our library contains dozen math models with a great number of features, bonuses, hit rates and volatilities, providing exciting gameplays for all players. All math’s are configurable according the operators requirements of payout, hit rate and feature frequency.

Our game terminals are integrated with the wallet system supporting the authentication process enabled on the operation, e.g. Player’s ID + PIN, Smartcard + PIN and Biometric Recognition.



The system offers an easy API to record game screenshots at any time, and also player ́s account and gameplay information. This information can be used later in dispute processes or automated tests. 

The system also offers an API to send the data generated to a Dropbox account, optionally generating a support ticket at ZenDesk. 


Our automatic updater handles the distribution and synchronization of the system components between the main server, the location servers and the game terminals. We use an internal diff mechanism that works together with our packing system, generating smaller patches than regular solutions.

Our frontend is a web page, so it can be operated from any device. It also keeps track of all versions history and connected terminals, offering tools for rebooting or shutting down the machines remotely. 


Our SAS Engine is a complete implementation of the SAS protocol throughout the Blue Alpha solution integrated with our V12 gaming platform. The SAS Engine allows gaming manufacturers to add a full-featured SAS implementation in their gaming machines within a few weeks without the significant development and testing efforts usually associated with implementing the SAS protocol. Our engine supports most important feature for brick-and-mortar operations: accounting, multi-game, multi-denom, jackpot, ticketing.