Our silver bullet

Our casino management system (CMS) gathers all relevant information from our partners. This system provides real-time information from all locations, such as profit, net hold, game statistics and others reports. We also provide monthly, yearly or any custom period report.

All reports can be consolidated by a set of locations and provide a big picture of the entire operation, slicing the information according the operation needs, like distributor, region, city. Using this tool the operator can do a deep analysis of the entire business. 

Through the CMS we can also change location configurations, such as multi or single-game terminals, specific game version, enable and disable games. We also provide reports for billing, sales, game odds, concurrent users, jackpot prizes (individual and community), cashier shifts and loader stations. 

The billing report period is configurable, and all client access is managed through user groups, preventing unauthorized access to sensible information. Our CMS allows enabling and disabling any location server at any time, due to a contractual issue. 

In addition to all these financial reports, our CMS can manage the entire billing process per location. It allows the operator to send the invoices on the correct dates and have control over payments and unpaid bills. 

The main user “Installer” provides a wide array of tools for server control. This user is able to install and add a new location server to the system and change all the needed configurations through the CMS. 


Our platform with the information stored on every aspect of player’s gaming activity, allows operators analyze, understand and segment their player base for the most effective player tracking and management.

Player tracking monitors the entire lifecycle of the player, from acquisition and first deposit, through ongoing retention for maximum lifetime value. Using real- time analytics, operators immediately assess events in the lifecycle, reacting with automatic and manual marketing tools that encourage the optimal response from players in order to maximize their value.

The operator can rely on an arsenal of marketing tools to engage and improve player’s retention and the set of communication channels opened with the player allows the operator to reach the player at right place and right moment according the promotion needs, e.g. e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, phone.